Soto del Vicario

Denomination of origin Bierzo

Pago del Vicario begins its journey in the Denomination of Origin of Bierzo with the winery and own vineyard Soto del Vicario, which is located in León, specifically in San Clemente, very close to Cacabelos.
Framed on a 35-hectare estate that has two forests of native species, the Soto del Vicario vineyard occupies a total of 19 hectares. Its strains are aged between 50 and 110 years. The Mencía grape variety is interspersed with Godello, Doña Blanca, Jerez and Malvasía.


Enologist Soto del Vicario

Sandra Luque Muñoz is Agronomist and Oenologist, and the current winemaker of Soto del Vicario. Since she moved from her native Valencia to Bierzo in 2006, she is responsible for the production of Soto del Vicario wines: Go de Godello, Men de Mencía and Men Selección.

Soto del Vicario Winery

The winery has the capacity to produce around 220,000 bottles, combining tradition and modernity and a clear respect for the grape through a commitment to its typicity and identity. The barrel park is composed of a selection of French and Caucasian (Hungarian) oak barrels, what intensifies the primary aromas of the Mencía and a small percentage of American oak.

19 hectares of own vineyard
190 plots
It produces an average of 3,500 kilograms per hectare
Varieties of grapes
Mencía: The Mencía is a red grape variety that offers very aromatic and velvety red wines.

Godello: The Godello grape is autochthonous of Galicia, it produces fine and delicate wines with a strong acidity and sweetness.