The philosophy of the wines of the Pago del Vicario group coincides with the terroir, the landscape and the payment. The idea is that the grape passes from the vineyard to the winepress in a few seconds and that the wines are impregnated with the personality of the vineyard.

In the case of Ciudad Real, the Geographical Indication Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla has been chosen, since it gives the technical team more freedom of action to produce a wine with all the contribution that the payment provides.

El Bierzo, where the Mencía and Godello varieties are a sign, is a name that has idyllic characteristics of a dreamlike landscape. Here, sublimation is possible with strains that are more than 110 years old.

The wines of Fondón, in the Alpujarra of Almería, want to bet on the Protected Geographical Indication of Laujar-Alpujarra and with a clear orientation of organic wines.